Reveal Hidden Risk

Halo is a behavioral analytics tool designed to supplement the due diligence process for early stage investors. Reveal Hidden Risk. Discover Potential. Invest with confidence.

Halo by Aperio

Halo is a portfolio construction tools that reveals hidden risk by identifying entrepreneurial habits that can wreck promising ventures.


How Does This Work?

Entrepreneurs are invited to complete an online assessment that measures an individual’s motivation, patterns of behavior reinforced through reward. The results are evaluated using a proprietary eXplainable algorithm and displayed with clear and practical investment recommendations.

  • Objective

    The Entreprenuer Habits assessment was designed with quality control measures that detect any attempt to manipulate the results. This ensures the insights are reliable and actionable.

  • Transparent

    The preditive engine behind Halo incorporates the latest research on eXplainable AI; the results are transparent, enabling the recommendations to augment, not replace, human decision making

  • Fast

    On average, entrepreneurs complete a digital assessment in 60-90 minutes - we measure only predictive attributes and the algorithm analyzes the results immediately.

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